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Artistic Reform Teagowns

The Artistic Dress movement of the 1860s was a Victorian fashion trend that rejected the highly structured and heavily trimmed Paris fashion of the day, in favour of beautiful materials and simplicity of design.

Artistic dress was an extreme contrast to the Victorian tight corsets, hoop skirts and bustles, the bright synthetic analine dyes, and lavish ornamentation seen in the mainstream fashion of the period. Artistic Dresses were loosely fitted, often with long puffed sleeves, made from fabric in the muted colors of natural dyes and could be ornamented with artistic needlework embroidery.

The movement was initiated by the Pre-Raphaelites (Dante Gabriel Rossetti for one) who emulated the work of the "old masters" and chose romantic, medieval subjects. They dressed their models in long flowing gowns loosely inspired by styles of the Middle Ages. This artistic dress became popular in Victorian intellectual circles and among artists for its natural beauty; it also reinforced their social ideals of quality materials, respect for the work of the hands, and the purity of medieval design.

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Drink tea and discuss Rosetti's newest painting with John Ruskin. Make plans to attend the opening of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta Patience. Admire the latest Liberty silks and select wallpapers for your Arts and Crafts decor with William Morris.

In contrast to the artificially padded, corseted silhouettes of the era, historically inspired Artistic Dress was romantic, a little daring and provided a comfortable break in an otherwise tightly corseted day.

Elegant, classic, individual: the Artistic Reform Teagown is a wonderful choice for brides and bridal parties.

The Artistic Reform Teagown Pattern Includes. . .

Professionally printed pattern pieces for the following. . .
Three Overgowns.

Underdress with Three Interchangeable Bodice and Sleeve Choices.

A Decorative Pouch.
A Tea Cozy.
Iron-On Transfers for Embroidery.
Complete Instructional Booklet.
Historical Information.
Fabric and Trim Suggestions.

SIZES 6-22 included with bodice patterns for the larger busted woman in sizes 18-22 DD cup

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